Monday, February 13, 2012

strike a pose

I have the most exciting news and it may seem shallow, seem pointless to many, but to a mom of a child with special needs, it's awesome!  Let me first begin by going back.  To a time when Nolan was first born, when we found out just 72 hours before his birth that he had Down Syndrome.  I had images in my head, horrible images.  I couldn't imagine what my baby would look like, act like or be like. Would I love him, want to hold him and call him mine?  It sounds horrible to say to people who haven't endured something similar.  But to families with children who are "different" in some way, well it's reality.  You wonder, will they ever be loved like your others?  Will you and your family be the only people to really ever truly love them?  Will people point and stare and giggle as he gets older and walks or talks funny?  You just wonder.  You can't help but think these things.  And for Nolan specifically knowing that so many people choose to terminate his existence with the mere thought of him, well, you know the answer most likely will be no, to all of the above.  So, our amazing photographer, who I mentioned in my last post, she has told me a few times to get the kids into modeling as I have admired her daughter as a STUNNING beauty, which she is and has done insane campaigns for Target to prove it!  Anyway, she said I should go for it and I don't know, one day I did, I only submitted to the one Modeling Agency that accepted online applications, a couple pics, few facts and bam.  So, I sent Nolan's info off.  I didn't send Audrey and Graham's, not because I don't think they are cute, but I don't know, just figured Nolan is more cooperative at this stage than those two and didn't know if they would like it.

I submitted the photos, and guess what!? I got the call today, I paused as she said this is blank with blank Agency, (I don't remember the blanks I was so confused and taken aback!).  She said, "Just wanted to tell you that we would love to have Nolan on board with our agency!"  She continued talking and I just wanted to shout from the rooftops, I could hardly contain myself.  She asked if I was familiar with the process or had been through this and went on to say they work with Target and Best Buy and all the large corporations, I am still speechless.  Not just because it is SO much fun to have your child potentially a part of an Ad Campaign, of course that is cool.  But this is different.  It just brings tears to my eyes to say it, but really.....someone wants him.  Someone thinks he is beautiful.  He is accepted.  He is adored.  He is so beautiful, not just to us.  It means the world to me.  Seems so silly as tears stream down my face as I write.  But I am so proud and excited for our boy.  He's changing the world.  He's dreaming big.  He's perfect in every way.  And as my bestie said shouting in the phone, "Nolan is bringing us to the Oscars one day!!!!"  Ok so, we go big, we can't help it!  Let's be honest, I'll be happy with a local ad in the dollar sense flyer.  It's not the venue, the money, the fame, it's the simple plain fact that the world sees what we see and really, it's all we want for any of our kids.  Isn't it?


  1. This is AMAZING news!! I'm so happy for your family and that adorable little man. This is SOO EXCITING for you guys!! Congrats Mr. Nolan!!!

    1. COURT!!! So excited and I know you are too, I'll have him give you an autograph, LOL! :) Thanks! :)

  2. So SUPER Cool!!! This could be the start of something great! I'll be checking my Target ads every Sunday watching for that beautiful face!

  3. congrats Nolan.... we just had the same experience with our Hallel(19 months) - she has her first shoot coming up - you just wrote everything i was and am feeling! we have beautiful kids inside & out!!!! here's her online agency page
    (its in Hebrew because we live in Jerusalem but you can see the photos!)
    rock on Nolan!

  4. He couldn't be any cuter! That's great news : )


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