Thursday, February 9, 2012


Ok so here's the thing, I can tell you 100 things I do wrong, mess up or freak out when it's unnecessary, but right now, this mama is feeling rather impressed with herself!  Soooo, I must share!  First of all it's hat day at Graham's school today, they were raising money for a good cause, and with a small donation, you could wear the hat of you choice all day long!  Well, Graham's choice wasn't a pirate as you all may expect, it was Mario, thank you sooooo much Wii for taking my sweet little boy and making him a video game maniac, ugh, so annoying!  Anyway, he kept saying to me, "mama, you are going to go to the store and get a mario hat right?"  I vacillated between, really these kids are so damn spoiled and wow, he'd be so excited!  I decided against it and then came Wednesday morning, I was feeling up to it, was out and about and put a couple calls in to local Party City's and guess what, voila...victory!

And for those of you judging my entire costume purchase, the flipping hat was the same cost as the entire costume, ridiculous right? UGH!  So, if this obsession lasts 1/2 as long as pirates did, he'll be wearing it for halloween, and well, with another child equally obsessed and only a year younger, you can't give this and not something to them, right?  So, here you go....

Yep, Mario and Luigi, granted she wanted Yoshi, but I was so pumped to score two of these in children sizes in FEBRUARY!! OK?!

And speaking of February, Valentines Day, oh how I love thee.  I know you all are like, oh another hyped up holiday that we get sucked into and way to much hoopla, but come on, it's about love, about candy and it's all so fun for the kids, stop it and go get a juju heart, the bestie has been telling me for two days I need to go buy me some!  You'd think she'd share, geez!  So, I like to be creative and make the valentines, I do realize that this insanity will wear off, that when ALL 4 of my kids are in school I may be passing out a sucker with a heart drawn on it, LOL!  But, either way, I love these projects with my girly, she is so into crafting and would do it with me for hours, and I love to carve out activities that we both enjoy and spend some time together!  So, this year, I liked the thought of felt and a glue gun.  I went to Michaels and bought 20 sheets of different colored felts and some hair clips and here are the creations.... for the girls and bookmarks for the boys....ok fine, I have to be honest and tell you there are only 8 kids in her class, LOL, yes I know it's pretty easy to do 4 of each!  Graham's class of 29 will be getting some cutouts with Mario stickers, LOL!  I didn't want you getting into thinking that I was a true over achiever, I am a half over achiever, just a little annoying right?

When I was done with these I had no idea, how flipping simple it is to make these clips that I have spent Audrey's college fund on since her birth.  Ok I am kidding, but really, these hair clips aren't cheap and I don't know how many she has but let's say it's over 50 and that equals a small fortune!  So, who knew I had the ability to glue some together???? NOT ME!  So, seriously get some ribbon, a glue gun and go nuts, and no my hearts aren't perfect but come on their free people!  So, then one of my favorite bloggers totally inspired me with these valentine boxes....

You must go see them, I LOVE THEM...but I made one and Graham insisted I not make it, he just wanted a box he could make and glue some things on...I which I took a pic of the back, it has a pipe cleaner tail, which is a riot and no it doesn't look professional in the slightest, but he loves it!   And I thought it was rather cute!   

 So, I can't finish this blog without giving a shout out to our amazing photographer.  Not only does she take the most amazing photos that have won us contests, including the one on the banner of this blog.  But, she also, has become a friend.  Someone I admire for her talents and her genuine, honest, and loving, kind personality.  There isn't a family I have referred her to that doesn't adore her!  And is there anything better than getting a package on your front porch when you weren't expecting it?  I mean really mailing something special, just because is simply, awesome.  So yesterday, ding dong, and this is what was waiting.....And gifts such as these, time, and thought and money invested, there just isn't anything, better, seriously.

So, I must give her a shout out and she just recently jumped head first into this full time, and I love that, taking a risk and giving your talent room to grow!  So, thank you Tamika! You ROCK!

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