Our Story

It's hard to write this, hard to summarize all that is so messy, beautiful and complicated in a short blurb. Jeremy and I have been together since our early 20's and well at this point, seems like a lifetime. We wanted children always and were so excited to welcome our first a boy and just like that 6 months later, I was pregnant again. Graham and Audrey are 15 months apart. So, after about 1 year, I knew I couldn't say I was done, it was all going too fast and I wanted to extend our parenting journey. So, again we found ourselves expecting another baby, in the summer no less! The pregnancy can be read about here. To our surprise Nolan was born with Down Syndrome. I couldn't grasp it for awhile, but shortly after he was born, I was smitten and at peace. I then noticed he wasn't developing like his peers with DS. So, I became increasingly concerned, finally, we discovered after 10 months that he was having seizures, infantile spasms, the worst kind. 100's a day assaulting his brain, we took dramatic measures and used harsh drugs to bring him back and slowly he came back to us. Again, we just got settled and he began smiling and babbling for the first time and we found out we were expecting again. This time it was beyond a surprise it was a SHOCK. I can't tell you I was never worried or that my pregnancy was perfectly smooth, but in general, I had faith that all would be good. So, when they handed my boy to me and I felt my heart sink, I realized it can happen. Life can throw you curve balls, not once but twice. It can hit you harder than you thought you could be hit. That story is here. Either way, here we are. Right where we are supposed to be. It isn't simple, it isn't easy, but it's real and there is a lot of messy love to go around. 

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