Monday, August 6, 2012

life goes on

It's crazy to me how time just keeps passing with or without truly does just go on.  I have always been a person aware of life tragedy since before I was 4 I lost my brother, suddenly and tragically, so I knew life can change with a simple breath, from one to the next, your earth can be shattered.  But, the thing about life is that it simply keeps moving and you can either stay in your bed and watch it move outside, or get up and do something.  I am more of a get up person, wanting to live a happy life, with memories and fun, so that is what I choose to do with each day, most days.

There are some that I have not gotten out of bed, finding solace in cuddling my new baby and knowing my big kids are having a great time with Grammy, but also crying till my eyes hurt, feeling sorry for myself and bitter with the world.  It ebbs and flows, the grief and the hope.  I realize I didn't tell any of you Everett's specific diagnosis, because of so many reasons.  But, mainly because we know so little, there isn't much to find and most of which you will is highly depressing, shocking and NOT good.  So, what's the point of that?  Also, because I don't want you to see him as a diagnosis, it is my most disliked thing about Down Syndrome, that it is so recognizable and people instantly have a take on what that means to them.  They place him in a box that has been created in their head, good and bad.  So, with EJ I prefer you see this....

We are hopeful at the moment.  Since with the limited research and people available to contact.  We have yet to find a baby that was born with this condition that was perfectly healthy and there was nothing wrong with him physically and so we wonder, what if he just grows and we never would have known?  He eats like a champ, is growing great and well, cries in the middle of the night!  So, yep, he is a baby, a typical baby.  

We have found peace and our hearts healing, hanging with our kiddos, just absorbing their happiness and love for each other, it really is contagious.  We were up north with my dad at his place and the kids have a say the least...they fish, go on jet skis, go on the water trampoline, tube behind the in the "hot pool" as we call it!

Nolan would stay in the water all day and night, LOVES IT!

This is Grandpa at 9 am, letting Jeremy and I sleep in with the baby, gotta love him, he's a brave man with three kids in a hot tub!

Graham was obsessed with the blowing balloon rockets!

And he drove the jeep with one leg up on the other and one arm propped up on the other seat, he's just too cool :)

Mr. Nolan loves the iPad, playing and eating it!

We got home and this was in our backyard!  Gotta love living in Stillwater!

Little Miss Justin Bieber, she's obsessed and excited about her upcoming party, which changed from Pokemon and Karate to Justin Bieber... :)

Her friend Emmerson got her ears pierced the day before and Audrey chickened out, and woke up the next morning and begged to go, all day long, so we did.....

Still smiling

ugh it's about to hurt that sweet face!

She's looking at me said it didn't hurt that bad....

Nothing a carousel ride can't cure!  She's very excited about her hello kitty earrings!

 We've just been packing in the fun this summer, really trying to enjoy every moment and the Washington County Fair met us with perfection of fun!
Jeremy "loved" the superman spinning ride, as you can see!

Princess on her pony, she could stay there all day.

The pig races were AWESOME...who knew...

This is Hamma Montana bringing it home...:) (I won't eat bacon for a long time...)

Balloon animals, a shark and unicorn

Daddy needed to break 2 bottles to win the biggest dragon around and well...he did!

I'm telling you Jeremy has many talents, but fair games, he is the MASTER...not sure what that's about, or what special talent it involves, but he never let's us down!!!!! He went from that, to win Graham his goldfish....and of course he threw the ping pong in the top container and could have gotten a crab, but ewwww....this mama nixed that and just said a goldfish is fine thanks!

So, life does go on...and not only that, it is beautiful, and we treasure these moments.  The ones with our big kids and their laughter and our little kids and their sweet snuggles and smiles.  Each one is a blessing and comes with a boatload of lessons.  They teach us to stretch our hearts and minds and truly are priceless.

I must give a shout out to your support and love.  It's been amazing and we so appreciate everyones kind words, generous meals and gifts and even phone calls and letters, it means a lot to us.  And a particular special thanks to Mary Bolger Cookies and Cakes by Mary, of sending me personalized, monogrammed cookies in a package just because.  She makes the most amazing cakes for our parities and always goes above and beyond, thank you.  Please check her out and order an amazing cake you won't regret it! 


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    1. Thanks Jenny :) I loved your post yesterday :)

  2. Love the pictures. Everyone does look so happy and content. It's amazing what family time can do for the mind, body, and soul!

  3. You are one strong and amazing Mama, Grace! Keep your chin up and soak up all the love and support that surrounds you.

  4. Very strong, both you and grandpa, it takes a lot of energy to keep a eye on 3 kids in a the Hot Tub, hopefully he came back later with for a little rest and relaxation!


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