Monday, July 9, 2012

Everett's Birthday

It was Sunday night, July 1st, 2012 we went and had mexican with the kids and came home nothing out of the ordinary.  We started watching Newsroom on HBO, (FYI if you aren't watching it, you MUST, soooo good!)  I started feeling contractions, more intense than the typical Braxton Hicks that I had been having for weeks.  They were very irregular, so assumed labor wasn't starting, finally the pain grew so intense, I got in the bath to relax at midnight.  At 1230, I told Jeremy this is it, I am going to call the hospital.  He called his mom to come over and stay with the other kids.  I proceeded to dry my hair and apply makeup, YES I am that VAIN!  Jeremy is laughing in the background saying "you are the strangest chick in labor!"  And truly I am....I am pretty quiet and calm and don't trust my pain threshold so begin to wonder if this really is labor until about 5 miles from the hospital, when they were so intense, I was begging Jeremy to stop the car, don't move, don't go over any bumps...I was beginning to panic, it was so intense.  We arrived at the ER around 115 am and I was EXHAUSTED, and the minute I got into the room, I begged for drugs, HA so much for natural labor...the nurse was silent and I kept saying, are you calling someone for drugs, I need them, still silence.  Finally, she checked me, said you are a 9+ and ready to push, no time for drugs....wait....WHAT?!  I thought I had an exit plan, it's only been an hour since labor really began and you'd think, how hard is that? My doctor was being called in, whom I love, but I didn't care if an intern delivered me at that point, I needed the baby out....still they wanted me to wait a little bit for her to arrive, I was SO HOT, wanted to walk around, didn't want to be on my back, finally a nurses aide saved my life and brought me this was awesome, :)My doctor arrived and said, "let's go!"  According to Jeremy she arrived a little after 2am, it felt like I was pushing forever, but really it was around 15 minutes, what a WHIMP! 
I pushed on my back and I begged and begged to get up and move around, I had to get up, jut instinctually wanted to, had no reasoning, the nurses kept saying no, finally my doctor, said do it, do what you need, I got on all fours, yes I know, not a pretty picture, pushed once and bam, the entire baby was out!  It was amazing, a sense of relief, accomplishment and pure exhaustion washed over  me.  Everett Jeremy was here.  It was spectacular.  Not the natural part.  Truth be told, I liked my medicated births much better, they were calm, controlled, happy and peaceful, this was chaos, loud and crazy and quick and intense.  Either way they all ended in a bundle of love and truly that is all that matters!  I wish I could tell you the natural way was so much better, but really, I don't feel that way!  I could get up and around quickly, very quickly, had zero medications, no IV, nothing, which is pretty cool.  He was very alert and cried almost 4 hours after, I thought right away when I saw him, OH NO it's another Graham man!  We love Graham, but man he was an intense baby and so was EJ.  The difference this time is 10 fold.  We are at peace, with our fourth, knowing the tricks of new babies, confidence with an experienced mother and truly it's so awesome when you don't have all that stress of being a new parent for the first time.   

 The best part about a new baby...the excitement, the phone calls, the announcement of a new dad seeing EJ for the first time....

The kids, well, they were hilarious, jumping on my bed and going straight for my food!!!! Leave it to them to be more into what to eat than new baby, either way, it was great to see them, embrace them and introduce them to a new baby brother.

And this guy, oh Mr. Nolan, he wanted to grab him right up!  He was happy to see daddy, but shockingly wouldn't come to mommy, as if to say, "you replaced me as the baby, screw you lady!"  Ahhh he will grow into his role of big bro soon!

I love this shot, can only imagine what Miss Audrey is whispering in that little ear!

Grammy loves all her grand babies and Nolan especially loves her!

My mom, enjoying the moment of a brand new bundle.  His name Everett, is my mom's Grandfathers name.

My most AMAZING doctor EVER, she's so great that she makes me want more babies just to see her more!  She is family practice so at least we will see her often!

Jeremy got this shot when he was a day old....something I never saw Nolan do as a newborn, so it's nice to see, the little dreaming smiles....melt my heart.

Speaking of heart melting, Mr. Graham can't get enough of baby EJ, he and Audrey fight over holding him ALL day long, EVERY day!  They adore him and being big bro and sis all over again!

What I am not a baby anymore????

I am not calm all the time!

Miss Audrey and her baby love....

Papa and baby

This is his one week old pic taken just sweet...I am sad a week is already over!!!!  He is an amazing sleeper, and being my 4th I take full advantage!  He sleeps from about 12-7 already!  I wake him usually between 7-8 to feed him, but otherwise, snoozes away.  I do know this can change any night, so just appreciating it for now.  Also, since his day in the hospital he barely cries, he is a very chill little man and just stares and takes in all the chaos around him!  We are in total love and feel so blessed to be on this journey again.  Oh and remember I put in writing I was DONE and NEVER again, how can you say that, when you are holding this little man all day????? :)


  1. What a sweetheart! He's adorable and looks like you. Also Love the pic of Jeremy and Nolan.

  2. Yay! I love a birth story, especially ones with nice pictures. Well done mama. Hope to meet lil' EJ soon.

  3. Beautiful story and amazing pictures--so happy for you and can't wait to meet him! <3

  4. Gorgeous family! Congrats!!! I just read your other post. If you could, can you explain what makes you sense another 'issue'? I know the testing shows there is something going on. What are your observations? He is adorable :) I hope the GC/Dr tells you about those '40 other cases'. As you say, maybe nothing will come of it? I do think we all are abnormal on a genetic level BUT, my heart breaks for you. My 3rd, Cal, has Ds (my 2nd is a Nolan too!). I know that pain. I cannot imagine it twice, but then again, you are doubly blessed! You KNOW you can get through this - you are!


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