Monday, February 27, 2012


I love to dream.  It's amazing how different they all can be.  But, it's fun, to imagine your life totally different.  Like when you are on an airplane home, I think of all those around me and where their travels brought them and what their purpose is for coming to our little state, in the heartland.  It's fun to feel like I am a CEO coming back from a long week of conferences and negotiations, of what I have no idea, but it's a dream, OK?  So, I can swing from that moment, to driving through a northern Minnesota town and imagine being a waitress at the local diner, the breakfast shift, renting the apartment above the diner and playing local gigs on my guitar, single and singing my soul no I don't sing or play guitar, unless I am imitating torturing cats!

My point is, it's fun.  To imagine life different.  Think about all the different ways that people live right around us.  Sometimes when you live in middle America and have a blessed life you can get surrounded by those that are like you and forget a whole world of people who aren't.  Who took different roads.  It's a great thing about Facebook, seeing friends from near and far living their lives to the fullest, filling their dreams.  Taking risks and chances that I didn't take.  Sometimes I just want to sit down with random strangers and give them a full 20 questions.  What is it like to live on a farm?  What is it like to be a powerful CEO and a mom?  What is it like to be single at 35 and explore the world giving back to others?  I find it all so fascinating.  Maybe because my life is rather predictable.  It's vanilla.  And I'm not knocking vanilla.  I mean I love some consistent, traditional, loving environments too, but sometimes, you gotta dream....

It brings me to last night.  It's my night of the year.  The Oscars.  I love them.  Not because I have real aspirations to win one, but it's a great night of dreaming.  Picturing my 5'2 frame next to George Clooney and how I would fit so much easier into the crux of his arm than that what's her name? LOL she did look gorgeous.  I love to imagine talking to Meryl Streep and just sucking the very being out of her, she seems like such an amazingly interesting person, talented and humble, and how does one do that after 40 years of straight success?  I want to imagine hair extensions, make up artists, red carpets and everyone begging to get a shot of me?!  I say often that one day, I am going to save my pennies and make the trip out there and somehow, someway make my way to that red carpet.  It's shallow, it's not curing cancer, ok, I get it...but it's a dream people.  So our friends were over with their little boy and I had to say, "hey! come on over and hang out, but ummm, so yeah, ummm, it's Oscar night, so then you gotta go by 6!"  I know, aren't I nice??? What I love about friends is they know I am a little crazy, no questions asked, instead the most appropriate desert was brought in preparation for the night of my life!

Thank you Alicia!  And Travis, it was worth driving to Woodbury! :)

I don't like to do the party thing, or the big group, I like to watch, to absorb it all, to dream, alone.  Jeremy used to go all out on Oscar night, the most beautiful roses, a delicious gourmet meal.  After children, it involves more simple things, like a bubble bath and going to get take out and letting me eat and absorb it all in peace, that means minus three children!  He then comes and sits with me and chats about the awards, the best dressed, etc, he tries and it's another reason I love him, because as much as I care about March Madness is how much he cares about the Oscars.  Enough said.

I was thinking last night, during it's rather lack luster telecast, why do I love this so much?  Why is this my night of the year?  And that's when this all came to me, that it really is about dreaming.  Transporting your life to another world for a few hours.  So, until next year, I will have to resume dreaming about more local lives and imagining what it would be like to walk a day in the shoes of another.  For now, I will put on my old comfy ones that I have been wearing for 35 years and are treating me rather good right about now!

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