Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Jeremy loved the no parking sign, in reference to the baby's time running out! :)

You know how those times in your life when you wait for the big moment?? Getting married, graduating college, Christmas Morning when you are 6, they are priceless, right?  For me, it is the anticipation of the event that often is much more exciting than the actual day.  For instance, we recently went on vacation with the kids and I couldn't decide if it was as fun with only a 2 week countdown, is that better than telling them in 6 months we are going and building up to it?  Well, we all know 9 (it is actually 10!) months brings you the most exciting gift of all and is always worth the build up!  I could cut that time in half, truth be told!  But, here we sit on the precipice of adding another family member to our mix.  Just a little over 5 weeks left, well if I can get induced when I would like to!  I know I mentioned I would wait, HA, I won't, just saying it like it is!

Getting back to this idea of waiting, anticipation, wanting, longing, dreaming, well they all have their place, but last night, had it's awesomeness all the same.  It was a Monday, typical in most every way, except the most beautiful, glorious weather.  75 and sunny, no wind, perfection in MN.  The hubby said, "lets bring the kids out to eat."  After a long day with no break doing a million and one things and being on my feet way too long, I was not up for it.  But, he wanted to find a patio and get out just the same, so there is only one thing to do?!  Get a sitter.  So, after a couple calls, my awesome cousin Laura, yes the offspring of my wise Aunt, so of course she is no less wise and cool!  She came over and might as well been wearing a cape and beholden of super powers that only parents can see!  I quickly transformed into my own super hero of sorts from frumpy, exhausted mom to stylish, look how cute am I pregnant woman....ok just play along!  So, off we went to Marx Patio in Stillwater, the perfect night, with my man.

The night was awesome, we ate delicious food, chatted on topics from world news, to raising our babes, to friends and family, we then drove around and looked at neighborhoods that we may want to live and make our next leap to and came home, to peace that only parents can appreciate..a snuggly, bottle drinking baby, a 6 year old begging to stay up longer the minute we walk in and well our princess was out cold.

I didn't mention the best part!  All of these great pics seen above... we were in an alley with amazing light and photo opportunity and since I have little time in front of my new camera the hubby did his best, and yes I was impressed!  An impromptu maternity shoot!

Our photographer and friend asked me to show her my first maternity shoot by an amazing photographer here in the Twin Cities and since I don't have digital copies, I took photos of the photos, but you get the idea.  YES I was NUDE and NO I would not do that again now with my 4th, my body was a lot more forgiving the first time, as was my confidence!  But it's still nice to look back and remember a body that rocked even if it was ages ago! :)

The point of all of this?  Be spontaneous, take a leap, a risk, skip chores and go for lunch with a friend, it's so worth it and some of my best memories in life have been just that, the night you had nothing going on and it was a Monday as usual and you ended up falling in love with your man and enjoying a MN night, all over again!


  1. Lovely! I regret not doing a pregnancy photo shoot while I was pregnant.

  2. You're too adorable! I can only hope to look that cute preggo the 1st time I have a baby and this is your 4th! Go you!

  3. So excited for you! You are as stunning this fourth time around as you were the first. Can't wait for the "S/He's Here" post.

  4. LOOOOOVe your maternity dress!! Where did you get it??? What brand? Must find it!!!!

  5. Wow you are a brave woman! Kevin would never go for pictures like this no matter how much I pressed for them. They are so good though- a very important memory for us girls. Even if our hubby's dont get it.


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