Monday, May 7, 2012

rockin robbins

It's crazy to me how fast time goes when you "grow up" and really by that phrase I simply mean getting old....because after 3 kids and one cooking, I am not sure I feel "grown up" yet!? Is that odd? any rate, when you were a child, time was slow, you counted down days and it took forever, and the older I get the more quickly time passes with a blink, it's another week gone.  I am over 30 weeks preggo and the baby is doing great, but this body of mine, well it's had enough.  No more babies.  For those of you who know me, you are like, "yeah right!" But, seriously I can't physically take the entrapment anymore.  I love to be on the go, getting things done and this whole, lay down, rest more, put your feet up, it's just not me, AT ALL.  So, my pregnancy complications are not limited to, anemia, low blood pressure and gestational diabetes, as my doc put it, "the perfect storm" and that was in reference to why I feel so awful lately.  It's uncomfortable yes, have to pee all the time yes, but this whole I am shaky, feel like I am going to faint thing? Not fun.  So, I am done.  I can't do it again.  I am open to adoption, Jeremy says 4 is DONE and well, we shall see what the future holds, but this body shall not be holding anymore's served it's purpose and after 4 pregnancies in 6 years and years of breastfeeding, it's tired people!  Just had to put that proclamation in writing for future "urges" that are sure to arrive when this little bundle is here and I have my energy back.  OK enough of the digression....

This weekend was centered around an important cause.  Multiple Sclerosis.  Jeremy's brother, Jon, was diagnosed 6 years ago and since, takes daily medications to prevent future "attacks" and really has been rather fortunate thus far, if you can use that word when discussing a life long disease.  Every year we gather to walk for MS and pay our minimal, humble tribute to those that fight it daily.  They may not be in the throws of it's physical hostile takeover, but constantly, mentally they are reminded.  For all those, we walk.  This year, with my own minor, physical difficulties I stayed behind with Nolan and we waited for the return of the walkers to join for lunch.
Graham was being "Houdini" from the beads and tying his hands behind his back and couldn't escape!

our beautiful niece, Miss Lily

They returned and we had a delicious lunch, we laughed and caught up on lives events.  The kids ran around like crazies and loved being with each other, as four cousins that have a year between them will do!  I couldn't help but look around at the scene of the kitchen.  Brothers discussing what to grill and when.
Jon and Jesse, Jeremy's Bro's, yes that's a lot of J's!
 Smiling faces of love and support as we all donned our Robbins Team T-shirts.  It felt whole.  A coming together of family.  A moment that does in fact fleet by with barely a notice, but in the end we all know why we are there.  There are no long speeches, lectures or discussions.  A few pats on the back, squeezes of the arm and glances of acknowledgement.  Few words are spoken about emotions and feelings in a family of all boys.  Instead good fun teasing, some beers chugged and all is right in the world.
Papa gave Nolan and cookie, you know he loves that!
Yep, he steels my camera and pretends he's a pro! Ok OK so do I!
Grammy at her best, getting lunch ready and keeping busy!  

It's not to say there is a lack of affection in this brood.  There is a deep bond that ties them all.  I've been a part of it for 13 years and my mother-in-law is the matriarch.  There are mothers of boys that will tell you they don't call enough, or their boys ditch them for their wives families too often.  That the love of a son is in some way diminished once he finds a woman of his own and has his own family.  Well, my MIL does things differently.  She supports us.  All of us.  Through everything.  She will cook you a meal with a moment's notice, drop off fresh baked goods just to say hello.  She will hug and hold you when you are melting.  She will take our children for trips, sicknesses, and just call to take them for fun!  She does all of this without one ounce of expectation.  She does this will unconditional love for her boys and all of us. And we know it.  All of her boys know her devotion to them and they feel the same for her.  And for each other.  It's not to say it is always pretty, or they are perfect, but in the end they come together and love.  So, she could have sat back and thought what life would be like with a daughter that could cook with her and clean up her messes, who would like shopping and chit chatting on the phone.  She doesn't get those things with boys.  Instead she embraces them and her daughter-in-laws and cherishes the times we spend together.  She's an inspiration to many a woman and mama's all over and it's so cool that I love her, isn't it?  
I mean how many people can say that about their mother-in-law?  

Jesse with our nephew Colton, could he be cuter?

lazy boys, all tired out

There isn't much greater joy to a mother than the culmination of all the blood, sweat and tears that go into raising a family and having them fully love each other in the end.  I can only dream to accomplish the same with our family and to find a cure for MS for our entire family but also this beautiful girl, Eleanor, Jon's daughter.  Come rain or shine, Rockin Robbins will rock on.

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  1. Haha, I can relate to the being "done" feeling!! I was done after our fourth child...SO DONE! And then Russell some how snuck his way in just before I made the hubby get "fixed"...Now we are done for real, and I have to say it's a really nice feeling :)

    And your Mother in Law, sounds pretty amazing.


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