Tuesday, January 10, 2012

true love

True love...it isn't always pretty.  In fact it's got some pretty get down dirty secrets sometimes.  But, still on this day, 13 years ago, I met mine.  We married 5 years later on the same day, January 10th, 2004.  It's been EIGHT years.  And wow, who knew that we'd have 4 kids 8 years in, NOT US!  I told Jeremy this morning, "wow, I've been pregnant, 4 of our last 6 anniversaries!"  Craziness really.  We were such young, and innocent kids when we met.  We thought we were so old, so wise, funny thing about life, how the older you get the more you realize that you are less wise every year!

But, although true love isn't perfect all the time.  This day was.  In every way.  The most perfect day.  It was gorgeous.  We decided to get married far away in an intimate setting, only family.  Then have a large reception, celebration 6 months later in June, because yeah, I needed a reason to wear that dress twice.  Oh the dress...I found it 2 years before we got married, fell in love with it!  Not the price!  But, it was so beautiful, and perfect.  Not exactly Hawaii though, so needed to find a venue that was old world, charming and intimate and we did.  A private estate on the beach, with green grass and blue skies in abundance.   I loved every detail of my wedding day.  But, what I loved the most, what I cherish the most, is the emotion of that day.  Captured in every photo.  Our happiness.  Our love.
I mean look at the moment we first saw each other....perfect.

Let's get down to the details that truly made the day even more spectacular....it was heaven digging this all up this morning...(not the digging! but the finding!)
My mom made this purse from extra fabric from my dress and gave me her handkerchief inside, my something borrowed and blue garter.

We gave sandalwood fans for favors at the ceremony and silk travel journals marked everyone's place at the reception with a handwritten note on each first page, I love what Jeremy wrote, but that's a secret...

Remember these??? REAL TICKETS!  I am so happy I kept it!  I mean how funny to see! They look like rotary phones!

Upon each guests arrival they had these amazing boxes waiting for them in their rooms, I kept ours just as it was...might I remind you we were in Hawaii so getting this all back isn't as easy as it looks!  But I am so glad I did, I opened this box and smelled all the yummy goodness inside still, the macadamia nuts, still looking edible, shockingly enough!

I kept the note Jeremy sent with the roses to my room while I was getting ready, a bag of rose pedals we passed out to each guest for tossing, the champagne cork and I had to keep that bouquet, even all shriveled, it's too hard to throw away!

My dad eyes full of tears of joy as he was walking me down....he wrote the most amazing card to Jeremy the day of our wedding, simply stating how blessed he was to call him a son...they both are so close and lucky to have each other.

Our vows, we wrote and printed and read for the first time that day to each other.  No idea what the other wrote and Jeremy's were LONGER than mine, shocking I know!

It was the most serene, beautiful wedding ceremony I have ever been apart of.  It was beyond my dreams.  Just as my man is.

See when you live with me, it isn't always this pretty.  I am tough, analytical, critical, high maintenance.  And Jeremy, he is patient, stubborn, strong and kind.  Mostly we are funny and inappropriate.
 And we bicker like we've been married for 50 years.  We compete in fantasy football and with our driving skills, well and just about everything else too.  We can argue about how long it takes to get from point A to point B and who's way is fastest.  Yeah, we are adolescents in so many ways.  But deep down.  Deep down there is a love that is indescribable.  True.  Deep.  And always present.  When you have two people that are as strong in personality and opinion as us, well it's never boring.  We like that.  We like passion and intensity.  We aren't for the weak or consistent.  We like to shake it up.  I love that about us.  Sometimes of course I wish for a better way to communicate than rolling my eyes, or huffs and puffs, but that's us.  Our kids will know that love is up and down and all around.  But in the end, when it really matters it is overflowing and ready to fill you back up.

So Happy Anniversary to my love.  Thank you for all you do for us, all of your hard work and standing in line for 30 minutes last night for a meal for this pregnant chick, just to make me smile.  It's one of the 1000 reasons I love you.  Heres to 50 more.  

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  1. Very Cool Grace. Happy Anniversary!

    Kim Jelinek


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