Thursday, August 23, 2012

5 years

With all the sadness, raw emotions and craziness of life lately, it feels awesome to write about our princess.  5 years ago today, August 23rd 2007, our sweet little bundle came into this world.  Everything about her was and is perfection.  Her birth story was so easy I felt robbed at the end, left thinking there was surely to be more struggle than that??  And just as she came into this world, she has remained (for the most part!).  She is soft, gentle, adorable, all the things that little girls are made of.  I spent my childhood dreaming of this....a little girl who gives the best hugs, snuggles all the time, begs for her back tickles, giggles so softly and has just enough sass to keep it interesting!  We do our nails, she does my hair, I do hers, we argue about outfits, and how many stuffed animals she can bring in the car to run an errand.  She loves her animals, anything stuffed or rock hard plastic.  She loves them.  As of late, she loves babies, cuddling them, changing them, wanting to be like mama.  It melts my heart.  She loves to cook and clean and help in anyway she can.  Always willing to help EJ or Nolan, she doesn't need to be asked twice, she listens the first time and doesn't complain.  Yep, she is that awesome.  She also is intensely shy with EVERYBODY, including her grandparents, and any close family, besides us.  With us you will see her karate chop daddy like nobody's business, beat up her brother and carry Nolan around (mind you he weighs only a little less than she!).  She will come out of her shell I am sure of it, in the mean time, I like that her outgoing, silly personality is saved for us and our four walls.  
Well and then there's this guy in our lives around here.  His music begins early in the morning and plays late in the day.  His posters adorn walls, her three T-shirts of his are worn EVERY week.  We have a purse, necklace, notebooks, folders, stickers and everything else you can imagine that say Justin Bieber.  It's officially Bieber Fever around here.  She sings his songs endlessly, and the best part about this story is how it began.  People who know me know I'm anti TV watching and pop media; NOT for me (Real housewives addict!) but for the kids; so beyond talk radio you won't hear or see much else during awake hours round here!  So, when Graham brought home his Valentines last year from school and Audrey found one and sheepishly asked, who's this? I innocently said, Justin Bieber he sings music.  And that led to; what kind? And that lead to instant love; that hasn't wavered.  Yep at 4 1/2 she's boy crazy!  Talk to us in 10 years- we know; not good!!!  But now its adorable and sweet and takes our shy girl and turns her into a dancing; guitar playing machine and its priceless...

 Thens theres this guy; her best friend; silly face extrordanaire!

In the Bieber Fever Audrey decided on Friendly the Clown for some entertainment; except se decided to do without the clown; so he came as Bob the balloon twister and face painter!

The paper going potty!

Baking a cake on daddy's head; he's a rather good actor :)

Eleanor winning the balloon guessing game with Elmo!

oh the biebs how she loves thee :)

The bounce house of death...oops I mean fun

balloon sword fighting

So, this years birthday wasn't the easiest to plan, with my heavy heart, but the memories, the fun that was had, it's all worth it.  Every bit of energy and dedication to making a perfect day for my girl was fantastic.  Today, her actual birthday is marked with our family traditions; presents wrapped and waiting outside your door when you wake up; decorated kitchen table and breakfast of donuts with candles and "no healthy stuff"!  Topped off with dinner at the "grape restaurant" aka the Olive Garden; and to those that know Jeremy well, you know he loved it ;).  


  1. Isn't amazing how beauty can push it's way through the darkness? Though it may be short lived, leave as quickly as it pierces, it continues to force itself on you. I am thankful for this beauty in your life, right now and pray for it to continue to knock out those clouds.

  2. I love the Bieber party and the "clown"! It looks like it was an awesome time. Happy Birthday Audrey!

  3. Happy Birthday to that little girl of yours :)...And with three girls of my own *sigh* I know all about Bieber fever!


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