Tuesday, October 25, 2011

the little things...

Sometimes it is so difficult to express myself. It's like I have all the opinions in my head all jumbled and I need to some how unscramble them to make my point. Let's hope my brain can play a good game of scrabble today and let it lose, if not I apologize in advance!

You know what I want for our kids...I want them all to be happy, nice people. Simple really. I feel like today it seems harder. Like instantly my kids are growing up to be bratty. Why you ask? Because we have playrooms now. Seriously, did any of you have playrooms as kids? I know we didn't. Not because our house was small..nope, we had plenty of room that could have occupied hoards of toys and junk that we could demolish and plaster throughout our home. So, what is it? Money? Nope my parents had enough money to buy us copious amounts of crap if they wanted to, but they didn't. I was thinking about it lately because my kids have carved or painted 4 pumpkins and we haven't as a family YET! I keep waiting for them to be excited to get OUR pumpkins. You know what, they won't be. It's the last ones they are going to get and by now, they are over pumpkins. I thought the same thing as I brought Audrey to dance class today in her costume, her first of many days to "wear" it for Halloween, by the time Halloween comes, they aren't going to want to wear it! What happened to the simple life? When we had one Halloween and one pumpkin and one costume, not 20 to choose from, or stores dedicated to it, a pillow case for our trick or treat bag, remember trying to fill it? Not embroidered with our name, or matching our outfit. It's funny. I didn't grow up deprived of anything, had more than most probably, but I remember the excitement of waiting, anticipation, wanting and really I wonder what my kids will remember. What will they treasure, when they've been to Twins Games, Gopher Games, Wild Games, in suites no less. I don't say these things to brag, quite the contrary, I mean what will they have to strive for to hope for and work for?

You know what I hope. I hope it will be far greater than material items that appear to come easily to them and most other children we are around. I hope that they can push all of the surface crap out of their way and remember the simple things. Like the morning mommy let us eat chocolate cake for breakfast. I hope it's remembering when daddy would roar monster and scare them in bed. Or the time that one of them snuck out of their room with the perfect pouty face to say they weren't tired and instead of saying firmly, "get back to bed, NOW!" They are surprised to hear, "come on let's eat popcorn and watch the Xfactor!" (Graham loves Simon now...I think it may be his bossiness...not sure where he gets that!)

Am I to blame for all of the chaotic excitement that my kids have, contributing to the ever flowing pile of toys and junk cluttering the purity of childhood, ABSOLUTELY! I'm sucked in too! I love over the top birthday parties, treat bags, everything in the world from Pottery Barn Kids, Ugg boots on 4 year olds, yep, I am just as bad, so I can't judge anyone else, I can't point fingers, but I do often pause and think, ewww this just doesn't seem right. But, it is the culture we live in and days like today when I get to give my kids the surprise of a lifetime that doesn't involve anything other than people! My dad, Grandpa Goose is going to get Audrey and preschool then go to Graham's classroom and SURPRISE he is coming to pick you up! They are going to be so excited!!!!!

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  1. Hey, not only did we not have a playroom, we got to play with our toys in the unfinished part of the basement. Now there is a playroom for kids and one for dads and their electronic toys. At least it is much more rare to have the creepy neighbor who gives out apples for trick-or-treat!


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