Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I have to thank you all for taking the time and reading and opening your minds to my insights of our personal journey with Down Syndrome. It is so awesome to have so many people in your life that support you as a mom, friend, daughter, it means a lot. I discovered something though, watching your comments, private emails and facebook posts come in. I discovered how uncomfortable it made me feel.

Now, those who know me know that I am not one to shy away from attention or compliments :). But, this is different. This is our child. This isn't because I am amazing, inspirational, courageous. I know it may seem that way. I may feel that way to all of you and I TRULY appreciate it. See, I can listen all day long to how great my cooking is, my decorating is, my hair is (even if none of these are true!). But, to me, this is about awareness for my son and his future. This is about what we all want for our kids. A life that others value, appreciate and acknowledge. Wouldn't that be great? To just live in a world that views our kids just as we do. Our loves, our hearts moving and walking around free in the world. Hoping with all hopes that no one crushes their dreams, stomps on their ambitions, blows out their flame.

That is the real goal in sharing our secret place, our feelings so openly and honestly. I feel like it is time to simply suggest that maybe there is a way that Nolan may hurt a little less if a few people really understood the magic that we as his parents see every day.

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