Monday, February 25, 2013

happy times

This past week was FUN!  So many memories that I could probably write 4 posts, but I'll save you the time and cram it into one!  The week started off busy, busy, busy.  Jeremy still working his tail off and basically from 6 am until midnight work is on his mind, it gets old, but this weekend we got to reconnect and oh how awesome that is.  What is it with your hubby home but working all the time- it's worse than him traveling really, because you fantasize that if he were home, he'd be helping!  Anyhoo.  A dear friend that I connected with about a year ago after a sudden birth diagnosis had left her in shock and awe and struggling with her new definition of life and a child with down syndrome.  Boy, how far she has come.  We randomly send emails and check in and she sends me the sweetest hand written notes- seriously what's better than a letter from a friend?  But, this was only our 2nd time meeting up for dinner and drinks.  It was spectacular.  She is such an amazing woman.  I urged her to write her own blog- selfishly so I could connect with her more frequently and also because she has so much creative and insightful energy to share with the world.  One day Amy, one day.  We could have chatted for hours it seems.  Topics ranging from shallow house building projects and the deep crevices of our childhoods.  On a side note she and her hubby heat their entire house with wood- yes, her real life lumberjack hubby chops and fills their hearth to heat their home daily, sooooo impressive and cool and well way out of my realm.  It's so great to have friends who push your boundaries, show you a world outside of your daily grind.  Our next meeting already on the calendar to meet Glennon over at Momastery- she's coming to MN in April, wahoo!  I am sure tears and laughter will be flowing again!

Friday was a crazy day.  Graham had school off and there was a snow storm wreaking havoc on the roads; not assisting me in driving 30 miles one way to drop off the kiddos at my mom's.  The mini (yes I have succumb to the driving a mini van and hate every minute of it!) brought us safely there.  When we arrived my mom had a little creature to share.  Cupcake; their cousins hamster for the week!  The kids were over the top excited.  So much so that Audrey's Kindergarten Orientation was almost chucked by the way side.  Due to the roads I hung out and watched them walk around and put that hamster in every Barbie contraption they could- the poor thing.  Cupcake took it in stride and I am happy to report there was no murder- I was concerned with all the traveling and passing he was enduring.  Off to Audrey's school we went- her big day.  I had been crying and dreading this day for some time, my last "typical" experience with Kindergarten Orientation, but you know what, it was all for nothing.  I am not sure if the driving conditions helped, or the comfort of having done it just a short 2 years ago, either way, it went swimmingly- random word- not sure where that came from!  She did her usual side smile and shy "Hi- I am Audrey" introductions.  She wrapped her little fingers a little tighter with every room we entered.  This time, instead of pushing her forward, I gripped them back.  I feel it too, I thought, I want to hold you forever.  But, as my previous experience has shown me, soon enough she'll be letting go of my hand and running in without me.  She was insistent upon returning to Cupcake ASAP, so again we drove, back to my mom's and dropped her off- where Graham was enthralled and saying we came back to quickly he wanted that rodent all to himself!  Nolan was asleep so I took EJ to his appointment and the kids begged me to spend the night, to my mom's delight.  I knew that meant ANOTHER trip back- lots of driving- getting that yet?  But, how could I refuse?  So, EJ and I went for his hearing test and post tubes appointment.  He failed, again.  He will have a sedated ABR in about a month and more answers at that time.

With the kiddos spending the night, Jeremy and I had a rare opportunity to catch dinner with just EJ on our way to get Nolan and it was glorious.  Just us and our little man.  Yum.  We drove back to get Nolan and spent the next 30 minutes listening to them both cry- sick of the car, as was I.  We stayed up late talking and drinking and well just hanging out- we needed that.

Saturday, gymnastics for Audrey, tearful goodbyes to Cupcake and if you are wondering if a hamster is in our future- Jeremy says NO- NO rodents, period.  I told Audrey just beg daddy.  We'll see how that unfolds. wink wink.  We had plans already in place weeks ago for the in-laws to have our kiddos overnight on Saturday, so off they went to Grammy and Papa's.  Jeremy and I had a minor blip after I broke my iphone screen and a neighbor was set to replace it ran into some issues and lost all the data and all use of the phone, so a couple of hours at At&t and new iphone in hand.  We decided to try a sushi place masu in Minneapolis since we were kid free and ALONE a rare occurrence, as I am a social freak and like to be with others pretty much all the time!  Off we went and we were sat at this awkward two seat table literally right next to another couple.  As we chatted and chowed, the table next to us ordered the most interesting thing I had ever seen- can't even describe it- so I had to ask about it and soon enough we discovered that they live in Stillwater and about 1 mile from us!!!!  Between drinks and raw fish we were having a blast and off we went to the Parlour Bar in Minneapolis TOGETHER!  It was hilarious and random and felt for a moment - minus my muffin top- that we were 20 again.  When we arrived, belly up to the bar was a waiter we know from a restaurant in White Bear Lake that we frequent- it was one of those nights!  After too many drinks- the best one- hands down- The Aviation- we got home and all by 10pm!  So much for watching Argo and staying in- just how I like my fun- spontaneous.

Sunday- We slept in!  What is better than that for parents??? NOTHING.  We picked up the kiddos and completed much needed chores and errands; they went to swimming and then it was my fav night of the year, the Oscars- which were- eh- not the best, but the highlight was my bed mates, who migrated upstairs sporadically throughout the night when daddy was taking breaks or changing baby's diapers.  It's not the most glamorous weekend, but it was chock full of adventure and fun!  It feels good to feel good!

Now I am off to gather up some favor buckets for Audrey's 1/2 birthday celebration tomorrow- did we even have these as kids?


  1. Your weekend sounds perfect and I can not believe you are driving a minivan!! Lol!

  2. Sounds like it was a busy but awesome weekend :)

  3. Wednesday was the highlight of my week! Thanks. I ended up making ten sushi rolls on Saturday night since Rye missed out on the yumminess. Sounds like a crazy but fun week for you. Get some rest. See you again in April!

    1. WHAT? You make sushi too?? I don't think we can hang out!

  4. I came to your blog through Momastery some time ago. Love your writing and your inspiration. I hope you are doing well - I miss your posts

  5. I came to your blog through Momastery a couple of months ago and love your writing and your inspiration. I hope you are doing well - I have been reading your older posts and I don't know how you would even have time to write but I miss your posts. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.


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