Sunday, December 2, 2012


Ok, so I have slacked, I mean really slacked on my blogging abilities, so many good intentions and ideas swirling in my head, but yet, nada, nothing, just ya know...raising 4 kids!  Well, and a few other things.

I threw and hosted a party for my dad's 60th, my aunts 50th and uncles 70th last night, ummmm yeah, 70 people later, it was quite the party, as in FUN and full of SURPRISE!!!!!  I was like a kid on Christmas Eve, I would compare the excitement level I had to waiting to go into labor and the night before I got married, yep I was THAT excited.  you see, my dad is a giver.  Rarely can you buy the man ANYTHING, no I mean, a McDonald's hamburger..nada...or do anything for him, so, I wanted to do this and do it right.  When I heard that my aunt and uncle had their respective decade birthday's within weeks of my dad's I thought let's go for it!  The whole family is already gathered and I KNEW it would give my dad great comfort to know the party wasn't ALL about him....he's like that, a humble guy.  So, I knew it would be perfect...if only I could surprise him, that was going to take some work.  We had some family members flying in, others driving hours, I mean how was no one going to spill the beans...70 people there is a lot of potential...So the day before the party, I concocted an academy award winning story and performance to lure him to the venue without any's long, complicated and totally perfect...ummm yes, I don't think it's good that I am proud of my lying...but still, it was good...I hung up the phone on Friday giddy, knowing I pulled one over on him and he had NO idea.

So, my aunt and uncle arrived minutes apart 15 minutes prior to my dad, a surprise was said for each and
they both were equally surprised as they thought they were coming to my dad's and not their party too...whew, it worked...then it was time.

I couldn't sit still, staring at the door, peering through the glass, waiting, waiting, waiting...then I spotted him, a look rushed over his face like, 'something is about to happen'...then bam, door opened, everyone their cheering, people from his past, clients, employees, friends, family, for him.
 All for him. Far and near. I asked everyone to share a tidbit of what they loved or remembered about my dad and I placed old photos of him growing up with their quotes in a book.  I have had tears many times over paging through the amazing memories and love that people shared about my dad.  I couldn't wait to show him, to stand up and say, we ALL love you dad.  The guy that plans and pays for everything, for everyone, it's your enjoy.  Well, his face was more like, "I think I am going to vomit."  Until I explained to him that his brother and sister were being honored as well, had their own cakes, their own books, their friends too, then, his shoulders relaxed and he took it in....well as much as a giver can.  It was glorious.  Fun had by all, everything went flawlessly...well minus the salmon tray that didn't make it out there until the other food was gone??? WTH?  (sorry side tangent...).  Here are some pics to enjoy...



how everyone felt after the evening was over, LOL...I like pictures, ok?!

That's the thing about giving, it's fun, fulfilling, exhilarating, when you are a giver.  But, receiving, that is an art.  To allow those around you to sometimes be the giver, fill you up, help you out, its not easy for my dad or me!  But, I am learning, slowly, how to just give a hug and say thanks, thank you so much.  Knowing relationships are built with a give and take, equally.  So, sorry about not giving to this blog much lately, it's been going elsewhere, but I promise to be back with Christmas fun, the elf is back...:)


  1. Looks like a great time! And I love love love the new blog header! LOVE those kids!!

  2. LOVE the new look on the blog!!! The header picture is fabulous, such beautiful kids :)

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